Manes & Co, formerly named Oncu Accountancy was found in 2014 by Mr. Oncu Gocebe. Since it’s formation, our practice managed to achieve impressive growth. We are very keen on providing the best accountancy and consultancy service in North London.

We are Certified Public Finance Accountant (CIPFA) and AAT registered. Thus we are able to offer definitive solutions to your complex tax issues.

Professional honesty and transparency are our motto. We want you to know that we have a superior staff in terms of professional competence. With years of experience and experience in this field, it is very important for us to be with you. It was founded on these basic principles as accounting, financial advisory and consultancy and continues its activities. Our company informs you about the renewed incentives every day. It informs you about the agenda and the latest developments by learning from the first source. We inform you about the new tax and payroll changes on a daily basis and we do our best to learn as quickly as possible.

Acting within the framework of the requirements of the century we are in, we offer you the most reliable transactions in harmony with technology. Our expert staff will be pleased to be with you with the experience they have gained over the years.

“We speak clearly, we inform you reasonably, we always keep our promises and we inform you of the results. We are Young and Innovative We use today’s technology, we produce faster solutions, We do our job in the most correct way in accordance with the laws and regulations, We constantly improve ourselves, we will serve you better, We act honestly, transparently and consistently in all our relationships, We adopt customer-oriented work, so we are based on trust. We establish long-term relationships, we understand your problems by listening to you first in all our communications, and we solve your problems by producing solutions immediately.”

We know this is a trust based business. We do not charge extra fees for most of our services. We try to achieve one price policy so our clients feel comfortable with us.

Happy Clients