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Delivery&Taxi Drivers

We know that working as a driver or delivery person takes a large part of your time. However, you also need to make sure you’re giving customers the best possible experience. On the other hand, you must complete your tax returns.

Working for Uber, Deliveroo, or as a taxi driver means you’re not technically working for them, you’re essentially a self-employed contractor partnering with them. This means you are responsible for tracking your expenses and taxes.

You will be given a UTR number when you register with HMRC and it is important to note this as it is your unique identifier. As a self-employed Uber, Deliveroo or Taxi driver, you must submit your tax returns by January 31 each year if online or by October 31 if in paper.

Keep all important documents related to your earnings and expenses, file them or transfer them to digital media for safe keeping.

Uber Accountant

Uber states that on average each motorist earns around£ 565 by working 35 to 45 hours per week. That’s the quantum calculated after abating the 20 uber service figure (although motorists who inked up after 24 April 2016 pays a 25 service figure). How frustrating is it to not reach on your assigned position on Uber? The same is the case with your duty lines. Uber accountants do your tone- assessment, answer your duty questions and take accounts off your plate.


Save Up on your Taxes

We make sure you ’re getting the smallest bill possible. Our Deliveroo accountants prepare all the documents and submit them on time. You don’t need to do anything additional other than that. You are delivering for others to make their life easier so why not do yourself a favor and make your life easy for yourself too? Get hold of our London accountants for Deliveroo motorists and let your finances be taken care of.

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